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Jan 9, 2013 8:00pm EST
the korean war. in a second term, he would order strategic air lift that saved israel in the yom kippur war. [applause] israel never had a better friend said golda mayor. in november 1972, richard nixon was rewarded with the most landslide than 49 states and 60% of the vote. he comes to the campaigns, he had led in 66 and 68, 72, a party on its deathbed in 1964 was on its way to becoming the new majority party, america's party, which it captured the presidency and win more than 40 states and for the next five presidential elections. that was the president's accomplishment. the president's memoirs begin. i was born in a house my father built while the republican party in the last third or 20th centuries was the house that you build. [applause] and domestic policy was the first environmental president in environmental quality in apa to battle the scourge of cancer he established the national cancer institute two close the generations had professionalized military. he added the draft. he made six nominations for the supreme court. not a bad average when you consider the senate are up against.
Jan 10, 2013 8:00pm EST
. >> a lot of times the israel prime minister, the defense prime minister was in town shortly there after we started hearing concerns about syrian chemical weapons and -- [inaudible] made some form. and then about a week or so later you said that the threat seemed to have been put on the back burner. what is your view right now? has it changed and, general dempsey, you think there's anything militarily to stop the syrians from using chemical weapons? >> you know, i think right now the bigger concern that nodes to be focused on is assuming assad comes down and, you know, i think there's a stronger likelihood that could happen. how do we secure the sites in what do we do to deal with that situation? and that is a discretion that we are having, not only with the israelis but with other countries in the region to try to look at you know what steps need to be taken in order to make sure that the -- sites are secured and they don't wind up in the wrong hands. i think the greater concern right now is what steps does the international community take to make sure that, you know, when assad comes down
Jan 2, 2013 8:00pm EST
i was supposed to have met him in israel and of course i didn't go because of the six-day war and i was at loose ends, and i ended up, because because the hunt st. clinic -- i don't know if you guys remember the signs that said take the trip to end the trip or love means care. i should have come over to the clinic and not gone there because they were using disposable needles and i got a blood test and i became really ill with hepatitis within six weeks. and i mean really ill as an i couldn't pick up the telephone to make a call. people i taught with put a sign up outside my door with three meals a day, early morning, late at night for people to sign up and take care of me. and the dead filled in most of those times, and took great care. i had food and i had my linens changed and people helped me to the bathroom, all those things that only comes from family. when a family is taking care of you. so around the time that i was recovered enough to get out and sit in my wing chair and looked out the window and the view i would have is down the asbury st. to the dead house, i watched the b
Jan 7, 2013 8:30pm EST
. syria and arab spring, iran and its relations with the whole world to include israel, north korea and so many more. so what are the elements of this strategy? i won't spend a lot of time, but briefly it assumes we will be smaller, have leaner forces, but they will be highly ready forces. one of the ways they will be leaner is we will no longer write their forces for long stability operations like we did in iraq. but we will look for ways for reversibility because we understand and often guess wrong about future threats. we feel that we must be highly ready because there is a much of a note on the category of threat to national security. the second major item in that strategy is to rebalance our forces for the pacific in the and the middle east. we are working towards rebalancing asia pacific, maintaining the present era, moving around from forces and it is more on guam. a rotational presence in australia. warships in singapore and possibly a presence in the philippines. we will pay attention to long-term threats, including china. we will maintain technological superiority. the third elem
Jan 16, 2013 8:00pm EST
description of governor has changed. i have led trade missions to and, missions to mexico and israel are planned to expand nevada's global footprint. i am committed to leaving no stone unturned, no road not taken. we must also invest in our nevada's innovators and entrepreneurs. and tonight, i am proud to announce that we will commit $10 million to nevada's knowledge fund to do just that. [applause] for rural nevada, we have also plac an item in e budget to support the university cooperative extension program. we are moving forward on nevada grown, an effort to help provide nevada farm products for nevadans. [applause] and funds to market rural nevada tourisare also increased. [applause] and, we are moving frd with our sage-grouse management plan, to show the federal government that we can manage our own lands and limit further federal intrusion in our lives. [applause] to help vada businesses even more, we will also restructure the nearly $703 million nevada oweso the federal government used to pay unemployment benefits to nevadans who were out of work. thistep will save employers $
Jan 22, 2013 8:00pm EST
] it was not long after moses began to lead the children of israel out of egypt that they began to grumble against his leadership. four years said they dislike his policies so much a member trade to that amount of office. it was a close though, but somehow manage to keep his job. in numbers chapter 11, we read he went to the wilderness, a wonderful endearing story goes out to the wilderness and mrs. hanssen prays, god, just kill me now. [laughter] i don't want to do this anymore. it is too hard. but this is one-time god did not answer mrs. prayer. instead he said in essence, get back to work. i need you. i'm reminded in a january 1957 dr. king received a threatening phone call. his children were asleep, wife was asleep. that was his first phone call since the boycott. than many. his children wifely sleeping he thought he couldn't go on. at midnight, he bowed over the kitchen table and began to pray. i'm afraid, lord. the people are looking to me for leadership and if i stand before them with a strength and courage, day two will falter. i'm at the end of my powers, god. i have not seen last. i've c
Jan 29, 2013 8:00pm EST
is to get them into the picture, too. the other thing in 1965 israel televisions with rabbit ears on them. now we've got telephones and tvs and smartphones that we don't really talk about what we need to do to get our phones better 50 years later. we talk about what we have to do to get her help care system better. it's because the way we pay. it's going to be hard to get there. the mullahs are trying to get there. the only way were going to get there is to get everybody looking at the capital infrastructure, not just a sgr, but across the board and make a model that the value proposition , and the value migration happens if i can be a little economic out of the system we have for the profit value is captured and doing lots and lots of things that are quite bad for patients more often than not. >> dr. murphy, you're nodding your head. >> yes, that's very observant. i'll deviate a little bit. i'll ask a question and answer to this i guess it's a rhetorical question. at least in my ear i'll throw my hat about which you have to do, what the solution is. a fair question to me is if there is t
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7